Born: 1983. Kent, UK

Began Windsurfing: 1989 (age 6)

First Race: Aug 1994 (age 11)

Hobbies: Fitness, SUP, Snowboarding, Cars, Motorbikes, Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Travel

Height: 178cm

Weight: 85kg

Sail Identification: GBR-56


Keith is an extremely ambitious, incredibly motivated, energetic and very personable athlete. He embraces the lifestyle and is a positive ambassador and role model. Passionate about windsurfing and extremely pro active, he is highly experienced and dedicated to promoting the sport, fitness, well-being and an active lifestyle.

Originally taught to windsurf by his Father, who started himself just one month after Keith was born, you could say that Keith has literally been on the beach and around the sport from birth. At a very young age of 6 he got on the board for the first time and never looked back. 

The love for water runs in the family and gained inspiration and an incredible hunger for competition from his older Sister, a very high performing Swimmer. Being raised in a sporty household, he competed in local racing events and quickly started to enter South-East UK and London regional events in his early teens. He quickly progressed to UK national events and at 15 years old competed in his first full season at UK National level. At 16 saw the jump to International level competition, and at 17 started as a full-time Windsurfing competitor, entering the worlds biggest events, such as European Championships and World Championship events and Euro Cup Series. Keith spent most of his winters training away with the worlds best racers, in locations such as USA, Italy, Poland and Southern France. 

He has developed his skills over many years and became one of the worlds highest ranked Windsurf racers in Formula Windsurfing. In 2006, he reached the incredible World Ranking of 4th, achieving fantastic results including a victory at the prestigious Euro Cup event in Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland, beating the worlds best windsurfers. 

Keith has won numerous Sports Personality Awards including the prestigious BBC Watersports Personality of the Year, in addition he has met and dined with the Queen and Prince Philip for the Golden Jubilee. 

Now his efforts are focused on competing in Windsurfing, inspiring healthy living through fitness and building his exciting start-up business, clothing brand ‘Fitsix’. 


Career Highlights


15 x British Windsurfing Champion

Vice World Champion (Under 22)

Overall World Formula Windsurfing Ranking – 4th

World Championships – 2nd (Lightweight) 

World Youth And Masters Championships – 1st (Open)

BBC Water Sports Personality Award Winner


March 30-31: BSA – Slalom, Weymouth, UK

April 27-28: BSA – Slalom, Hayling Island, UK

May 11-12: BSA – Slalom, Felixstowe, UK

June 15-16: BSA – Slalom, Worthing, UK

September 21-22: BSA – Slalom, Tenby, UK

October 5-11: Speedweek, Weymouth, UK

October 26-27: BSA – Slalom, Christchurch, UK

November 9-10: BSA – Slalom, Christchurch, UK








As an athlete and a highly experienced magazine featured Fitness Trainer, Keith takes a fun approach to fitness with the aim to help as many people as possible. As fitness and nutrition is extremely important for your wellbeing, the most effective way to live a long and healthy life is through a well-balanced diet and an effective exercise plan.

Keith knows first hand what it takes to get into good shape and ultimately being healthy. He can help you to find the motivation, commitment and perseverance to reach your goals even if you are an absolute beginner using experience gained over many years of intensive gym training to reach specific goals. 

Whether you’re completely new to exercise, already a regular gym user, or a professional athlete, you can benefit from fitness. You can follow Keith on Youtube and Instagram for exercise guidance and inspiration. Please contact if you wish to receive Personal Training directly. 


Keith Atkinson, The CEO and founder of Fitsix, has had an extraordinary career as a high-performing athlete in Windsurfing and a fitness training professional. He is also the formidable driving force behind the Fitsix clothing brand.  

“I wanted to create a brand which sends a positive message to inspire people to live a healthier life on a daily basis, to empower people to change themselves for the better. My core focus is to deliver quality, on-trend products at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we have undergone extensive testing on all the products we supply, so not only are they extremely comfortable, but durable and functional at the same time for both in fitness and for wearing everyday”.